During the weekend, I watched the movie Son of God. I am honest, I watched quite a lot of movies about the crucifixion and I was not blown away by this one. But somehow, I did get a message out of the movie.

Luke mentions that the acquaintances of Jesus and the women that followed Him, stood at a distance. The only Gospel that mentions a disciple is the Gospel of John where Jesus addressed him and Mary. But where are all the others? Peter, Thomas, Nathaniel? We know that Judas was dead by that time. But Scripture does not mention any other disciple.

I had to ask myself the question: Where would I have been if I was a disciple of Jesus? My Christian like answer would be – At the cross, where else? But in truth? Would I have been in hiding out of fear? Or would I be standing at the back of the crowds because I felt foolish for believing in this Man’s words that is now dying? Would I have been at my home, minding my own business because I knew from the beginning that nothing good could come out this?

We are born followers. Everyone is following something. Wife’s follows their husbands. Children follows their parents. We follow preachers and people that has feet of clay. To be honest, when they lead us into the mud, we do not even recognize the difference between mud and clay.

I am a believer in Christ. I have been for many years. Yet, today, I cannot say where I would have been the day Jesus was crucified. Does that make me a bad Christian? Maybe.

For me the realization about the grace that oozed form the cross, becomes so much more real. For it did not matter where anyone stood that day. What matters is that Grace survived. That Grace was resurrected. That Grace will lead us home, whether you hide in your room, or stand at the foot of the cross.

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