King Prawn Avo Wrap


The recipe was received from Riekie Knoetze. According to her it is a wonderful dish the entire family will enjoy.


Exotic Food Rice Paper Prawns, Chicken or Fish (Cooked, fried to your taste)

Rocket leaves Avocado sliced Red, yellow and green peppers sliced Exotic Food Sweet Chilli Sauce Exotic Food Fish Sauce Lemon juice Or Use any sauce of your taste.


Soak the Rice Paper in a tray of cold water for 1 minute or until soften, drain and let to rest. Place the meat of your choice, rocket leaves, avocado, peppers, sweet chilli sauce, Food fish Sauce and Lemon juice on the Rice Paper and roll into a cone shape. Drizzle with Exotic Food Sweet Chilli Sauce to serve.

Enjoy !!!!

Send your favorite dish to with a photo of the dish.

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